MVC.Net Course Training

MVC.Net Course Training

Over the years, software development has gone through many changes. One of the biggest change that happened in the recent years, is the use of MVC pattern for developing software or web application. The Model–view–controller known as MVC is a software architectural design for implementing user interfaces on computers. The MVC pattern is a great architecture no matter whatever the language you are using for the development.

How MVC pattern works?

MVC patterns separate input, processing, and output of an application. This model divided into three interconnected parts called the model, the view, and the controller. All of the three above given components are built to handle some specific development aspects of any web or software application.

Where to learn?

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Three levels of MVC Model:

This level is very important as it represents the data to the user. This level defines where the application’s data objects are stored. The model doesn’t know anything about views and controllers. So, whenever there are changes done in the model it will automatically notify observers that the changes are made. The model may be a single object or a structure of objects.


A view is a visual representation of the MVC model. This level creates an interface to show the actual output to the user. However, a view will not display anything itself. It is the controller or model that tells view what to display to the user. It also handles requests from the user and informs controller. A view is connected to its model and gets the data necessary for the presentation by asking certain questions. Sometimes, it also updates the model by sending appropriate messages. All these questions and messages are sent back to the model in such an easy terminology that it can easily understand the information sent by model or a controller.


Controller is a level which acts like a brain of the entire MVC system.. A controller also acts as a link between a user and the system. It provides the user with input by providing appropriate views to present it appropriately on the screen. The controller understands user output, converts it into the appropriate messages and passes the same to views.

Important advantages of MVC Model:
1. Faster development process:

MVC supports rapid and parallel development. MVC model can be programmed by multiple developers simultaneously on Model, View and Controller. Hence this way, the application developed using MVC model can be completed three times faster than applications that are developed using other development pattern.

2. Ability to provide multiple views:

In the MVC Model, you can create multiple views for a model. Today, there is an increasing demand for new ways to access your application and for that MVC development is certainly a great solution.

3. Support for asynchronous technique:

The MVC architecture can also integrate with the JavaScript Framework. This means that MVC applications can be made to work even with PDF files, site-specific browsers, and also with desktop widgets. MVC also supports asynchronous technique, which helps developers to develop an application that loads very fast.

4. Modification does not affect the entire model:

For any web application, user interface tends to change more frequently than even the business rules of the company. It is routine that you make frequent changes in your web application like changing colors, fonts, screen layouts, and adding new device support for mobile phones or tablets. Moreover, adding new type of views are very easy in MVC pattern because the Model part does not depend on the views part. Therefore, any changes in the Model will not affect the entire architecture.

Closing Remarks

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